Student Bursaries

Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) is pleased to award Student Bursaries to women college or university students to attend Conferences throughout the year.  

The bursaries support women to attend conference sessions and seminars on current energy topics and issues, view state-of-the-art technology at exhibitions, meet professionals in the energy sector, and connect with employers to explore opportunities for internships and permanent positions. 

Bursary Applications Fall 2019


CanSIA Annual Conference and Exhibition May 8-9, Calgary Alberta

Provincial governments and consumers are focusing more on renewable energy in an effort to lower greenhouse gases and utilize more affordable sources of energy. This has created a tremendous opportunity for companies to expand their market presence in Canada. Solar Canada Conference & Exposition 2019 will provide an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals and enter this growing market.

Network with an estimated 2200 attendees and up to 100 exhibitors representing the entire supply chain: solar integration, development, engineering and EPC, equipment manufacturers, utilities, consultants, federal, provincial and municipal governments, communities, and students.

Conference Date: May 8th-9th, 2019
Conference Location: BMO Centre, Calgary, Alberta
Application Deadline: April 17th, 2019
Number of bursaries available: 3
Application Instructions: See below / scroll down

Wind Energy Conference Images

CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition October 8 - 9, Calgary  Alberta

The Annual Canadian Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition is the meeting point for all members of the wind energy industry – top business executives, technical experts, decision and policy makers, and government representatives – to come together and address the key issues facing the industry today. Premier exhibiting companies will present their cutting-edge technology and innovations that will help solve the industry’s biggest problems and pave the way for a more efficient, effective, and sustainable energy future. This year’s conference will host close to 1,500 attendees representing a wide range of interests, including project developers, manufacturers, federal, provincial and municipal governments, utilities, consultants, communities and students.

Conference Date: October 8th -9th, 2019
Conference Location: BMO Centre, Calgary, Alberta
Application Deadline: September 30th, 2019
Number of bursaries available: 2
Application Instructions: See below / scroll down

WiRE Student Bursary Eligibility Criteria

  • Available to any woman who is a currently enrolled as a college or university student, or has graduated in 2018 or later

  • Interested in any sector of renewable energy, including academic, manufacturing, technical, consulting, engineering, finance, and others

  • Must be planning to pursue a career in the energy sector

WiRE Bursary Recipient - Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend the conference for the full duration

  • Undertake one mandatory shift with the WiRE exhibiting team, helping to manage WiRE’s display booth at the conference

  • The recipient is required to cover all her own costs for transportation and accommodation – the bursary applies to the conference registration fee only

Application Instructions

1. Application package must include (please note incomplete applications will not be considered)

  1. Current résumé or CV

  2. Statement of Interest (300-600 words) describing

    • Why the applicant is interested in attending the conference

    • How attendance will benefit the applicant, her community, campus, and/or organization

    • Highlights of academic and/or work history

    • Experience in renewable energy and career goals

  3. WiRE Statement (max 200 words) describing

    • What aspects of WiRE does the applicant finds most interesting?

    • What role does WiRE play in the energy sector?

    • Why is WiRE unique and important?

  4. Complete contact information, including phone, email, and mailing address

  5. Letters of recommendation are encouraged, but not required

2. Submit applications electronically to by the deadline outlined for each confence

3. Bundle all of the above items into ONE PDF File, and save with the format: “Conference_LastName_FirstName”.   (example: OWA_Smith_Jane.pdf)

4. In the subject line of the email, list the Conference you are applying for and your last name/first name (Example of Subject Line: OWA_Smith_Jane.pdf)

Successful recipients will be notified at least two weeks ahead of the conference.