Previous Field Trips

+ MicroGrid Woodstock

April 2015
Host Jay Heaman, Manager of Engineering at Woodstock Hydro, led a tour of one of Ontario’s first small-scale microGRID technology systems. Whites Lane MicroGRID demonstrated renewable energy and energy storage systems, connecting electric vehicles, customer loads and smart control systems. And Ryerson University's Annie Chow spoke about a new 3D modeling software initiative.

Here's a video of the field trip.

And here's another video from Woodstock Hydro's Green Energy Doors Open last October.

+ IESO - Independent Electricity System Operator

January 2015
As of January 1, 2015, IESO and Ontario Power Authority (OPA) have merged and now operate as the IESO. In its new mandate, the IESO is responsible for both real-time operation of the Ontario electricity system and market as well as long-term energy planning and procurement, and the promotion of a conservation culture in the province. Visit for details. Field trip included IESO presentation, control room tour and lunch ($25).

+ Northwind Solutions

October 2014
Northwind Solutions will host a WiRE educational field trip at their facility, instructing about basic activities within the Northwind operations centre with a focus on solar monitoring, presented by David Asling-Snee, VP of Operations and Anup Modi, Operations Analyst. Northwind Solutions provides Renewable Energy Asset Management and Maintenance Programs, services and equipment to the RE sector.

Visit for details.

+ Melancthon Wind Energy

April 2014
Hosted by TransAlta, and guided by Scott Forsyth - Operations Supervisor, WiRE participants received a tour of the operations and maintenance (O&M) building, technology presentation, an interactive discussion and Q&A about the Melancthon Wind Facility.

Read the MaRS blog on "Smarter Wind: Innovations in wind energy" for insights on the event: Melancthon field trip:

+ MaRS Cleantech

February 2014
Over 40 participants learned about the important initiatives supported by the MaRS CleanTech Practice, and met the women entrepreneurs behind some the companies that receive MaRS CleanTech support.

Read the MaRS blog "Advancing the Role of Women in the Green Economy" for insights into the event:

+ Rooftop Solar Tour

October 2013
Hosted by solar company RESCo and rooftop solar project owner SolarShare, participants learned about large scale rooftop projects and community-owned solar power at the information presentation and rooftop solar plant site visit. This included climbing and descending a 30ft (9.1 m) ladder.

RESCo Energy Inc. Presentation:

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