Jennifer Taylor - PhD at University of Toronto

Jennifer Taylor is completing her PhD at U of T, focusing on the production of knowledge in renewable energy transitions, specifically focusing on interesting controversies such as the wind turbine health studies. She also teaches a course in environmental impact assessment and carries out research for Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative.  Prior to that, she worked in offshore wind at Trillium Power and the Community Power Fund. A quote she likes is, "If you always do what you what interests you, at least one person is pleased." - Katherine Hepburn

Kathleen Alexander - Environmental Specialist at R.J. Burnside and Associates

Kathleen Alexander is an Environmental Scientist at R.J. Burnside & Associates in the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Group. Primarily working on feasibility and environmental constraints studies for solar and wind projects, serving a wide range of clients from municipalities, private developer, to First Nation communities. She has also been an Environmental Technician with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in the Enforcement Branch. Worked with Environmental Officers performing inspections at a wide range of facilities, including wind farms, to ensure proper approvals are in place and conformance with terms of the approval. 

Lisa Oelke - Solar Women Summer Series (Canada): Policy, Philanthropy and Play

Lisa Oelke is the Marketing Manager (North America) for Advanced Racking Solutions, a division of hb Solar Canada, in Ontario. She is also the Solar Development/Renewable Energy Consultant Off-Grid Specialist for the Solar Majengo Tanzania project and an Advisory Board member for Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE). Recently, she gave us a Canadian perspective on renewable energy policy, her philanthropic endeavors and the importance of play.