With the goal of increasing our members' literacy across a wide range of applications related to renewable energy, WiRE field trips offer the opportunity to learn about technologies, projects, companies and associations that drive renewable power generation in Ontario.

Previous Field Trips

MaRS Advanced Energy Centre

January 17, 2018



Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

November 24, 2017

The Advanced Energy Centre (AEC) fosters the adoption of innovative energy technologies in Ontario and Canada, and leverages successes into international markets. Using strategic programming to overcome the systemic barriers to market entry, scale-up and export, the AEC is a catalyst for the adoption of advanced energy technologies. Participants heard more about their work from AEC speakers Kathleen Kauth (Director, Partnerships) and Pallavi Roy (AEC Associate), and from AEC tenant and energy storage market leader NRStor Inc., who presented on their business models for utility, commercial, residential and remote community energy storage solutions.


The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) works at the heart of Ontario's power system. The IESO delivers key services across the electricity sector including: managing the power system in real-time, planning for the province's future energy needs, enabling conservation and designing a more efficient electricity marketplace to support sector evolution. Join WiRE and learn about the IESO, Ontario’s electricity system, priorities for the IESO, how the sector has been transformed, and an overview of the control room.

IESO controlroom2_full.jpg

PCL Southgate Solar Farm

Oct 11, 2017










Northwind Solutions Group

Sept 27, 2017














Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre (EVDC)

June 14 2017











Feb 2 2017











G&W Electric

Oct 12, 2016












Hydrostor Inc.

June 21, 2016 











Siemens Blade Manufacturing Facility

May 26, 2016 








Silfab Solar

April 11, 2016









Morgan Solar:

Jan 12, 2016
















NRStor - 2MW Minto Flywheel System:

Aug 11th, 2015











MicroGrid Woodstock

April 23, 2015

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and in Australia. These diverse operations in infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets are supported by a strategic presence in 31 major centres. Backed by PCL’s 110-year legacy, and with more than three decades of experience in Southwestern Ontario’s dynamic construction market, the Toronto office is PCL’s largest district with more than 500 of the construction industry’s most talented professionals and an annual construction volume of more than $1.0B.

southgate solar farm.jpg


Northwind Solutions Group is an established leader in the business of monitoring, analyzing and maintaining renewable energy assets and maximizing performance and clean power reliability. Keeping things running smoothly is paramount to any organization's bottom line, with power generation often being especially complicated and sensitive. Join Women in Renewable Energy - WiRE on September 27th from 11am to 1pm for a tour of Northwind’s offices and control room, where we will learn about their risk management minded approach to operations & maintenance of solar and wind farms. Lunch is included.


Plug'n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. Since 2011, Plug'n Drive has established itself as a leader in the electric vehicle industry. A trusted source of unbiased information about electric cars, charging stations and the electricity sector. https://plugndrive.ca/electric-vehicle-discovery-centre

Kinectrics is the category leader in providing life cycle management solutions for the electricity industry. Trusted by clients worldwide, their expertise in testing, inspection, and certification is backed by over 100 years of experience in addressing the North American utility industry’s most challenging technical problems. 


G&W Electric has helped energize the world with innovative power system solutions. Learn about load and fault interrupting switchgear and recolsers required at Wind and Solar facilities and enjoy a tour of our manufacturing facility. Survalent Technology makes real-time operational intelligence and control easy. They integrate data from across your network to optimize your operations and help you efficiently make critical decisions that improve reliability and business performance. www.gwelec.com

Hydrostor Inc. hosted WiRE at their Toronto Island facility, demonstrating how the world’s first underwater compressed air energy storage (UCAES) system works.  Hydrostor’s energy storage solution addresses the issues of intermittency (solar & wind), load balancing, reserve capacity, and peak-shaving.  Presented by Curtis VanWalleghem (CEO) and Cameron Lewis (President and Founder). For more information visit: www.hydrostor.ca

The Siemens’ blade manufacturing facility in Tillsonburg, Ontario has been manufacturing wind turbine blades since 2013. Situated on 50 acres of land, the 23,553 square-metres facility previously manufactured 49-metre blades for the SWT-2.3-101 geared-drive platform, and now produces 55-metre blades for the SWT-3.2-113 direct-drive platform. Blades produced in Tillsonburg are installed in Canadian wind farms and abroad. www.siemens.com

Silfab Solar is a quality international leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of ultra-high efficiency PV modules with just-in-time manufacturing. Silfab has leveraged over 30 years of solar experience and is part of the vertically integrated family of companies through Silfab S.r.l. (Italy). Silfab’s state of the art, 300 MW manufacturing facility located near Toronto, Canada has helped pioneer smart module technology, glass on glass solutions and bifacial modules. Silfab’s technically innovative process produces superior reliability and performance specifically designed for the North American market. Silfab balances manufacturing capacity between OEM partners, Silfab branded modules and new technology. www.silfab.ca

In business since 2007, Morgan Solar owns several proprietary patents one of which is their Light-guide Solar Optic (LSO), the first to concentrate sunlight in a planar direction, elegantly sidestepping the cost, materials, and complexity associated with CPV solar modules based on depth-of-focus lenses, mirrors, or prisms. Built of an array of LSOs, the Sun Simba™ module achieves industry-leading efficiencies in the lowest cost, most lightweight and robust form. The visit was hosted by Nic Morgan, VP Business Development and Marketing with a visit by brother Jean Paul Morgan, President/CTO who joined the WiRE group during lunch. Jean Paul holds a Masters Degree in Science by the University of Toronto. http://morgansolar.com/

In December 2012, NRStor was selected by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), through a competitive RFP process to provide 2 megawatts of frequency regulation service to Ontario’s grid using Temporal Power’s innovative flywheel energy storage technology.  Find out more about what you will see HERE.

Host Jay Heaman, Manager of Engineering at Woodstock Hydro, led a tour of one of Ontario’s first small-scale microGRID technology systems. Whites Lane MicroGRID demonstrated renewable energy and energy storage systems, connecting electric vehicles, customer loads and smart control systems. And Ryerson University's Annie Chow spoke about a new 3D modeling software initiative.

Here's a video of the field trip:

PS. Here's another video from Woodstock Hydro's Green Energy Doors Open last October.

IESO - Independent Electricity System Operator

January 22, 2015

As of January 1, 2015, IESO and Ontario Power Authority (OPA) have merged and now operate as the IESO. In its new mandate, the IESO is responsible for both real-time operation of the Ontario electricity system and market as well as long-term energy planning and procurement, and the promotion of a conservation culture in the province. Visit www.ieso.ca for details. Field trip included IESO presentation, control room tour and lunch ($25).

Northwind Solutions

October 9, 2014

Northwind Solutions will host a WiRE educational field trip at their facility, instructing about basic activities within the Northwind operations centre with a focus on solar monitoring, presented by David Asling-Snee, VP of Operations and Anup Modi, Operations Analyst.  Northwind Solutions provides Renewable Energy Asset Management and Maintenance Programs, services and equipment to the RE sector.

Visit www.northwindsolutions.com for details.

Melancthon Wind Energy Project

April 2014

Hosted by TransAlta, and guided by Scott Forsyth - Operations Supervisor, WiRE participants received a tour of the operations and maintenance (O&M) building, technology presentation, an interactive discussion and Q&A about the Melancthon Wind Facility.

Read the MaRS blog on "Smarter Wind: Innovations in wind energy" for insights on the event: Melancthon field trip: http://www.marsdd.com/news-and-insights/smarter-wind-innovations-wind-energy/

MaRS Cleantech

February 2014

Over 40 participants learned about the important initiatives supported by the MaRS CleanTech Practice, and met the women entrepreneurs behind some the companies that receive MaRS CleanTech support.  

Read the MaRS blog "Advancing the Role of Women in the Green Economy" for insights into the event: http://www.marsdd.com/2014/02/21/advancing-the-role-of-women-in-the-green-economy/


Rooftop Solar Tour

October 2013

Hosted by solar company RESCo and rooftop solar project owner SolarShare, participants learned about large scale rooftop projects and community-owned solar power at the information presentation and rooftop solar plant site visit. This included climbing and descending a 30ft (9.1 m) ladder.

RESCo Energy Inc. Presentation: 


Goodmark Rooftop Solar Project

Goodmark Rooftop Solar Project

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