WiRE is a new non-profit organization dedicated to furthering education and awareness surrounding renewable energy development and policy in Ontario.


New Solar Industries Award celebrates growing female leadership
Nominations open until February 15th, 2015 for this inaugural award that highlights and celebrates the influence and impact of extraordinary women in Canadian solar industries. January 5, 2015 (Toronto, ON): The Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) Solar Industries Woman of Distinction Award will
be awarded annually to a professional woman working in the solar energy sector who has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributed significantly to the expansion and improvement of the solar technology field and/or emerging solar technology sector. In 2015, the award will be presented at the CanSIA Game Changer Awards Gala being held March 26th,2015 in Toronto: http://www.gamechangerawards.ca/.

Nomination Criteria:
· The nominee must stand out as a leader who has contributed significantly to the expansion and improvement of the solar technology field and/or emerging solar technology sector. This may be demonstrated by the nominee
through excellence in areas such as:
o Volunteering
o Leadership
o Policy and advocacy
o Technical advancement / Research and development
o Project development
o Community engagement and increased adoption of solar technologies
o Being a role model contributing to the advancement of women in the sector
· The nominee must be a woman working in Canada

Nomination Reference:
· 500 - 1000 words
· Present role of nominee
· Why do you feel that this woman should be recognized as WiRE’s Solar Industries Woman of Distinction?
· What are her accomplishments?
· How have her contributions impacted the industry?
· Please enclose a headshot of the nominee
· Please enclose other materials that support the nomination i.e.: curriculum vitae, references, websites, links,
magazines, articles, photos etc. (up to 5 supporting documents)

Contact information
· Name, Title and Company/Organization of Nominee:
· Email & Phone:
· Name and affiliation of Lead Nominator:
· Lead Nominator Email & Phone

Women in Renewable Energy will be awarding the distinction to support our goal, which is to play an important and visible role in the energy sector, while advancing the role and recognition of women in the field.
Submit questions and applications to info@womeninrenewablenergy.ca.
Nominations are due by February 15th, 2015



Previous field trips have seen members enjoy tours and presentations by RESCo Energy & SolarShare, IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator), hb Solar Canada Inc (PV mounting systems), Virelec Ltd Power System Protection, PowerStream Inc (LDC), G&W Canada (electrical power equipment), Survalent Technology & Northwind Solutions.